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A Christmas Message for 2010

This is our 2010 Christmas newsletter as written by my wife.

Christmas 2010

We have had a year of changes. It was quiet until July.  Then Wayne had a big birthday, retired, and we moved – all in a day or two.

 We decided it was too much for us to take care of the house and yard, so we moved to a retirement community in Roseville, California; a few miles east of Sacramento.

Wayne retired July 16th; we moved on the 17th, so the 18th — his birthday — was our first full day here.

 We really like it here. We don’t have to worry about yard work, which makes Wayne happy. We have a housekeeper who comes once a week to clean the apartment and change the sheets on the bed.

 This was weird for me (MaryJane), at first, since it was what I had done professionally for years. Her name is Margaret, which is my sister’s name. I don’t even have to cook, either.

 We have found a church and they have a very active men’s group.  I’m (MaryJane) still looking for a place for me. I have some ideas to find a women’s group. There is a new church not far away that should be what I’m looking for.  I will go to a women’s Bible study there.

 We miss you, Gateway!

 We are just learning to get away and go for rides now again.  We are content to sit at home together all the time and forget to get out into “the world”.  There are lots of things to see around here; it is very beautiful.  We have never even come through this way except to get “somewhere else”.

 The leaves on the trees are beautiful right now.  We get colors. And word has it snow will be very close in the next few days. 

Real Seasons!  WOW! 

We have made many new friends in this community, but we certainly miss you all.  It seems like we are so far away from all of you.

 Please know that you are all loved and that we think of you often.

 We wish you all a most Blessed Christmas
And a Prosperous New Year

Wayne & MaryJane
MaryJane & Wayne


Editing … Proofreading … & Writing

I am “celebrating” another afternoon to myself. My wife, MaryJane is lying down – sleeping (?) – so I don’t expect to be disturbed for “a while”. We are finally having “strange” – i.e. Fall – weather here. Fog and rain one day, clear and windy the next, warm and sunny, followed immediately by more rain. They say “we’ll get used to it”. I say, at last, a chance for some distinguishable seasons.

I think I mentioned last time that I will be doing a final proofread before publication for a new client who is putting her book into an eBook format.This should be a little different for me, but also an exciting challenge.

Another friend sent me a link to her new book on BookRix. You can publish your “book” – nearly any size – as an online book with your own copyright and ISBN number. Her book was only about ten or fewer pages long. It was well produced and relatively easy to read once you figured how to enlarge it to a readable size.

I am thinking of putting some shorter things together and posting them there. A least until I get a “feel” for the place and feel that it is all safe and “legit”. Keep watching your eMail about this.

So … with all that being said; If I think I’ll ever get any work done in either the editing or writing areas, I need to do more of that; and less of this. After all: “It’s what you do that defines you; not what you say.”

Thirteen Working Days!

Just a few more days to go! Too few. I know we’ll be ready on time, but it just doesn’t look like it now – or at least when I left the house this morning.

Once we’re all settled in our new little apartment my responsibilities and schedule will be totally different. I’m traditionally the early-riser, so I plan to head for the library, or some such place, with my “yellow legal pad” and a cup of coffee and write. And yes, I really do write by hand on a yellow legal pad – first draft, anyway.

As I continue writing I will try to keep you all up to date with excerpts or questions about the process; so get your “thinking caps” out of the closet. I’ll be asking your advice soon.

God bless you all.
See ya’ soon!

~ Wayne ~

A godly economy?

An oxymoron? I don’t really think so! It’s hard to believe – right now – that God is in any part of this economy. For so many folks losing their jobs, their homes, and their self-esteem, it just doesn’t look like it could be in God’s will.

Nevertheless, God made all humankind to make creative choices. Sometimes we listen to Him and make good choices, other times, like the children we are, we make poor choices which affect everyone around us.

Consider the lilies of the field … and the birds of the air.” God has continually cared for them and provided for them just what they needed! Not necessarily what they desired, but what He knew they really needed.

When we seek His will, He doesn’t always say “yes.” He’s God. He’s free to say “no,”  or even to say “this isn’t the right time.” But we want what we ask for when we want it. and we don’t ask for it until we want it now!

Our economies stretch beyond what we have – or don’t have – in our wallets at any one time. Our economies are all the choices we make and how they affect us and others. God wants us to utilize that freewill and, hopefully, make good choices. This doesn’t always happy.

Due to a series of events of a number of years, our son took his own life on June 22 this past year. It was a bad choice. We ask how God He could let this happen But, God allowed our Charlie to commit suicide in order to get rid of a lot of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.

We are all grieving in our own ways. Probably his mother the most. I had a vision, early on, of him in Jesus’ presence, patting himself down, and saying, “It doesn’t hurt here any more, it doesn’t here anymore. Even my brain doesn’t hurt.” This knowledge that he is in God’s presence has/ is helping me through this time of grief.

Blessings and Peace to you all.
Wayne <><

Still new at this; but I’ll try my best!

Today is another day, “they” say. The weather here in the Bay Area has been cool and foggy. It rolls in off the Napa River delta and encompasses this side of Vallejo. But cross the hills to our northwest, and it’s often clear all the way to Sacramento.

We had a beautiful 3-day weekend and I was even able to partially mow our 6″-deep back lawn. Obviously, I will need to do more. And it’s February and I haven’t pruned back the roses! If I don’t get right on it they’ll be in bloom before I get to them.

I wish you all success in your gardens or other endeavors, and God’s peace in your lives.