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Late One Tuesday Evening

Here I sit, late on a Tuesday evening, remembering that I will be retiring July 19, and that I’m sure I won’t be missing the work too much.

Of course my plans include widening my client base for Tilden Editing Services, as well as some chances to get away with my wife on day trips and other short vacations. We may even find ourselves moving into something smaller that needs less regular maintenance from us. That has a certain appeal to it!

Otherwise, I just try to stay strong and well. Sometimes it’s a struggle, but my wife and others out there make it worth “staying around” for.



Still working with this

I was having some trouble trying to do the impossible. Live and learn “they” say. Well, I did! So, now I am doing something a little differently than I had originally planned. Wasn’t it the Scottish poet Robert Burns who said, The best laid plans of mice and men/ ‘gang aft aglee?

I’m “getting ready” to go to a meeting tonight. Actually, I’m sitting at my desk waiting for a call from downstairs letting me know my ride is here. I hate having to be dependant on someone else! (Maybe “hate” is too strong a word, but I surely don’t like it!)

I’m not looking forward to this weekend, either. The gardening/ yard work  is being delayed due to rain. We keep getting it, and the Winter Olympics can’t get enough of it. “Go figure!” So … there will be other things that “need doing” and can’t wait.

I am also getting ready to retire in July, so we are up to our ___ in paperwork to make that happen. Actually, we’ve hardly begun, and it’s beginning to overwhelm me. My wife says retirement will “cure” all that. Sure hope she’s right!

I seem to be rambling, so excuse me if I don’t seem to hold a thought very long. It’s too much like work.

So, for now I will just wish you a long, stress-less weekend and the end of another month. Yes … it’s nearly March, already.


Another ‘nother Day

I try not to miss a day, but that’s probably not wise. I’m usually at the computer late at night, or even worse, trying to fill in a few minutes before I catch my ride home. (I’m usually the last one on the van!)

So … it being 3:57 p.m., PDT, I need to cut this really short and just wish you all the best for a Thursday (already?) evening, a great Friday, and a restful weekend; however that looks to you.


Wednesday evening; not as late as sometimes.

This has been a hard day, of sorts. Maybe it’s just because I was “out of sorts.” I tried to do too much at one time and did nothing as well as I should have. I should have known better, but I was blogging and LinkedIn. What better to spend your workday?

I’d like to be able to say that great thoughts came to me while I sat, doing “mindless” tasks; just to pay the mortgage, put food on the table, those kinds of things.

I was once told prophetically that I am an elder, endowed with Gifts for Story and for Healing. I believe that, for me, this is an indication that I should be teaching in some capacity. Our church would like to see a drama/ arts program grow up in the youth department.

They see, as do I, that the arts are a good way to show young people, especially, who God has created them to be; in His created and Creating Image.


Just sittin’ here …

Now I sit here knowing I should take a shower and be in bed for that long 8-hour day tomorrow. But if it’s no busier than today – thanks to all computer systems  being down – I’ll just finish my books and call it “all good.”

Where I live we only have rain off-and-on – off your roof and on you; off your car; and on you. Off your hat and on your collar and the rest of the way through.

Actually, I shouldn’t complain. We’re mostly dry. My grandsons live in Seattle and they’re mostly dry. The President and both the House of Representatives and the Congress are in it up to their armpits.

This usually happens to them this time of year, but it’s usually not rain! Hmm.

Well … this time I am really off to bed. I hope to hear from many of you.

Blessings and Peace.