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A Few Random Thoughts

Tilden Editing Services is getting out around the World Wide Web a little more all the time. The day before yesterday I added a presence on MySpace; just so I could say I did more than any other reason.

I have begun to contact other friends and associates, as well as making sure that everyone has links to this blog as well as to my Profile on LinkedIn and my Home Page on NewWebs. There is now a link on this blog to my Home Page. I hope to see you all there.

Let me know what you think of this new page.



Too Much Leisure … for Now!

It’s been very difficult the past couple months creating a working schedule for my retirement. Generally I don’t even get out of the apartment. Both brunch and supper are served midday, so everything is pretty much upside down.

For now, I’d like to see myself with more clients here in Tilden Editing Services; and I’m sure that you have needs for editing or proofreading needs or know someone else who does. And if they’re serious about their writing they’ll want to know there is someone “out there” who wants to see them produce publishable manuscript.

My motto is Let me edit it before you publish it. My goal is to see each writer, author, poet, or playwright not be ashamed of his or her final draft to the publisher.

Contact me if what I just blogged could be about you. 
                                                                         ~ Wayne ~

New Look; New Pages

I didn’t think I’d be doing this so soon, but I really liked this “Appearance” and proceeded. I think it gives the whole blog a more professional and business-like appearance. Some of what I was used to in the second column isn’t there, but I will place some of that on the right-hand column.

There are also a couple additional pages forthcoming which I think you’ll find interesting and “educational.” At least that’s my hope.

To those of you who are actually following my blog, thank you. If you have suggestions or other things you’d like to see here, let me know.

Blessings to you all.