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The very best every time …

After a number of days I want to encourage you to view this blog in some more depth; to know more about Tilden Editing Services, and to know a little more About Me.

Tilden Editing Services has a much more complete professional presence at LinkedIn ( There is also an unfinished page on Facebook.

Tilden Editing Services is just bursting out of the “dream” stage and has begun to offer services to anyone with general or specific editing needs. Already I have proofread a chapter of a book for two different parties, proofread a personal memoir for another, reviewed a book, and have another promise from a colleague to proofread her next book, which she is currently writing.

Please come to us first. We treat all our clients with the utmost respect. And remember, this is the internet. If you can’t get here physically, we can do whatever needs to be done by eMail and/ or by phone.

We look forward to your patronage.



Let us edit it before you publish it

 So, that is the main reason for this; more about my business and, especially, about myself.   

I have over 30 years experience in writing, proofreading, teaching, play writing, and theatre. My experience has been in editing/ proofreading my high school literary magazines, member and officer in our creative writing club, and page editor for my high school yearbook. In college I was a feature and entertainment reporter, editor, proofreader, and any other jobs which are needed to put a scholastic weekly to bed. (Remember “blue pencil” copies?)   

With that experience and urgings from my wife and friends, I have decided to embark on this new business venture. I am searching for clients who have need of any of my  editing services. This is a freelance, start-up business, but I promise to deliver a timely and professional product.   

So far, under  Tilden Editing Services, I have proofread individual chapters from longer series’ of books on a pro bono basis. I have recently completed my first “for pay” job, and expect to be seeing the corrected manuscript of that soon.   

Contact me here if you or anyone you  know is interested in becoming a client of Tilden Editing Services.   


Hello world!


This is my very first try at blogging, and it probably shows. I hope to be able to make more favorable and intimate connections in this kind of format.

I have over 35 years experience in proofreading and editing and I hope to be able to make a little money at it after I retire in July. (Five months can be a very long time!)

I have been married to my wife, MaryJane, for 30 years and we have two grandsons, and a daughter-in-law. Our son took his own life this past June. One never gets over that. They are currently living in Bothell, Washington.

I have been involved in teaching, acting, theatre directing, writing and playwrighting. I was a pastor in a very small church in south-central Idaho for 13 very long months.

We now live in Vallejo, California – east of the San Francisco Bay area, and about a mile to “the Gateway to Napa wine country.