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Happy New Year!!

Here it is four days into 2011 already and I am  just getting around to blogging once more – or maybe more than once. We’ve had a quiet New Year so far. The other retirees here are up into their 80’s, or more, so we just watched the “ball drop” in our own apartment.

We had a great Christmas. Our grandsons – ages nine and eleven – came on Christmas day and we took them out for sandwiches that evening. (Have you ever tried to find fast food on Christmas night.) We started out looking for a Taco Bell and ended up at Jack in the Box. The boys ate  like it was their last meal.

They stayed over and went to church with us,  then we all ate brunch and we taught them to play pool. They thought it was funny that they came to the “old folks’ home” and Gran’ma and Poppa taught them.

We have just been lying low since New Year and are now contemplating taking down the Christmas decorations – one day soon, I suppose – so it will look like our apartment again and the housekeeper will be able to get around inside and do her job.

As you can see, we are really enjoying the retired life. I haven’t had any editing jobs – yet – but have done some more writing. They are “published” online at Come on over and read my books and some of my peers, as well. Make some comments and I will try to answer them all.


Here I Sit

After many days I am now able to take – or get – some time to blog a new post. After all, that’s why I “bothered” to begin this blog in the first place.

I have been busy – with one thing or another – since my last post. I don’t have the freedom of posting from work in the middle of the day since I retired in July. I now share the computer with my wife full-time.

I have been doing some reading – currently J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarilion and working at my manuscript; still untitled and still “stuck” in the same spot. Having so much “free time” makes it harder for me to manage how I use it. This also cuts into my time for Bible study and working on related materials.

I am occasionally able to post some HubPages writing, but not as often as when I was writing from work. I guess I really do miss at least that aspect of my eight daily hours; forty hours a week. I guess I just need to be a little more organized. I had hoped for 90 to 120 minutes of “me-time” each day to work on such projects. I just need to “do it” now.

I believe we probably all have similar problems dividing up our days and using them in the best ways possible.

I have a promise from a woman on LinkedIn to be one of her final proofreaders on her current writing project. I’m not sure what stage she is in, but it sounds promising and challenging, both. I will keep everyone apprised of the progress of this and the ups and downs of a professional proofreader. This, of course, will necessitate my budgeting of each day. I need more jobs to keep me on the right track.

Please stay in touch and I will try to post more often.

Blessings <><

Too Much Work

I have made the mistake of trying to keep up with four blogs of my own. This does not allow me to concentrate much on any of them. I have vowed – to myself – to limit each of the blogs to the topics I originally intended it for. In addition to this one there are: “The Artist Within” “The Arts Spot” and “Wayne’s Words to the Wise” “Following the Psalms” (an interactive Bible study of Psalms)

“Wayne’s Words to the Wise,” for some reason, has become the major blog for just “everyday” blogging. I intend to try to keep this one, “Tilden Editing Services,” as  a blog about writing and editing; mine and others I’m connected to, especially through

Until it all gets straightened out, read my other blogs from the link, above. I will have them linked to this blog space very soon.


Busy, busy, busy

Without sounding like I’m making excuses, I’ve been very busy. The retirement application got mailed in, as did Social Security and it looks like we’ll be doing okay. If I should be able to add to that with a client or two (or more) through Tilden Editing Services, I won’t complain.

I began putting this together a few minutes ago but forgot to save it, so I am writing it again – except exactly different. And probably shorter.

I’ve been trying to keep two blogs up, my LinkedIn profile up to date, and I discovered “Hub Pages” which are sort of like literary blogs/web pages. Lots of fun and a good place to do a little writing and get some honest feedback from other writers. This may be something you may be interested in looking into for yourself.

I’m hoping now that we know we will be okay on my state pension + my Social Security + my wife’s Social Security, I know I can be looking for other outlets to freelance in other areas of interest; especially here in writing and editing. And I can always use clients.

Contact me:

Pax, Shalom, Peace ><>

New Look; New Pages

I didn’t think I’d be doing this so soon, but I really liked this “Appearance” and proceeded. I think it gives the whole blog a more professional and business-like appearance. Some of what I was used to in the second column isn’t there, but I will place some of that on the right-hand column.

There are also a couple additional pages forthcoming which I think you’ll find interesting and “educational.” At least that’s my hope.

To those of you who are actually following my blog, thank you. If you have suggestions or other things you’d like to see here, let me know.

Blessings to you all.