About Me

March 17, 2010  


 In the past 35+ years I have been a writer, theatre director, actor, proofreader, preacher, and teacher. All in one lifetime!       

I am a husband and grandfather, uncle and great-uncle, and my wife and I have “adopted” numerous “god-children” and “god-grandchildren.” I’ve lost count of a good share of these, but my wife can rattle off all their names and even some of their birthdays.       

I am getting ready to retire the eighteenth of July. This promises to be a very long two and a half months!       

With my Christian upbringing and faith, all I do in my work and in my daily life are from a biblical paradigm and Christian life-experiences. I look forward to hearing from others of you with similar backgrounds.       

Place your comments on this blog so we can see what sort of things we can come up with. Also, leave a prayer request or praise on the “Prayers” page. We may not be able to change the world all by ourselves, but with enough prayers from enough believers, we can make miracles happen.       

Thanks to you all
and God’s blessing
Wayne <><

2 responses to “About Me

  • Mrs Plume-Plang

    Hi, Wayne–
    I found your blog via LinkedIN Group ‘WordPress for beginners.’ I love your last name! “Tilden” just sounds so bookish, and also conjures up “nature” in my ear. I suppose I’m thinking of its similarity to “Walden.” And I love your header graphic because it contains a fountain pen! I’m a very beginning blogger, and I don’t post regularly (a big no-no. You can find me on LinkedIN under Eye Spy Editing and Proofreading Services, or at my WordPress.com blog.

  • Mrs Plume-Plang

    P.S. I didn’t proof my comment before I posted… so I would give me a C- …….. don’t tell anyone 😀

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