Everything New is … New.

Tilden Editing Services has another new Home Page and web site. Hopefully this one is more informational than others I’ve tried to post in the past.

I spent a good share of three days getting all the information together and consolidated into the classifications I needed.

I have included pages for Home, About Us, Links, Recommendations, and Fees. I have tried to be as all-inclusive as possible while still not being too “wordy”.

Take a look and give any feedback you think would be helpful. Direct this, also, to your friends who could use these services.

E-Mail; tildenediting@hotmail.com

Home Page

About Wayne

While I don't claim to be any wiser than the next guy, I do want to write blogs which will make you think. Therefore, I try to put a lot of thought into each one and give you room to ponder and ruminate on the topic(s) I write. As you read, I invite you to comment on what I have written about. My word is NEVER the final word on anything - regardless of what I'd like to think - and I'm always willing to hear comment and feedback. With all that having been said; Let's read, let's write. Blessings, >Wayne View all posts by Wayne

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