Monthly Archives: July 2010


While this is not really apropos to this blog, tomorrow at 9:00 am our driveway will be filled with strong young men and their trucks. Hopefully we can get everything from Vallejo to Roseville, about 90 minutes away, in just one trip.

I’m told that if we do it in one trip the whole thing shouldn’t take more than six hours, portal to portal. My plan is to take the “absolutely necessary” items – bed, sofa, televisions, pots and pans, food – first. If there is more to take we can make a second trip, even at another time.

We have two men coming who are former professional movers who will be there to “mentor” us, and another who is currently a mover who will be helping, truck and all.

So, distance making no difference by blog, eMail, or web site, I will be writing from about 60 to 75 miles northeast from this location next time.

God blessĀ  you all and keep us in your prayers.