Thirteen Working Days!

Just a few more days to go! Too few. I know we’ll be ready on time, but it just doesn’t look like it now – or at least when I left the house this morning.

Once we’re all settled in our new little apartment my responsibilities and schedule will be totally different. I’m traditionally the early-riser, so I plan to head for the library, or some such place, with my “yellow legal pad” and a cup of coffee and write. And yes, I really do write by hand on a yellow legal pad – first draft, anyway.

As I continue writing I will try to keep you all up to date with excerpts or questions about the process; so get your “thinking caps” out of the closet. I’ll be asking your advice soon.

God bless you all.
See ya’ soon!

~ Wayne ~

About Wayne

While I don't claim to be any wiser than the next guy, I do want to write blogs which will make you think. Therefore, I try to put a lot of thought into each one and give you room to ponder and ruminate on the topic(s) I write. As you read, I invite you to comment on what I have written about. My word is NEVER the final word on anything - regardless of what I'd like to think - and I'm always willing to hear comment and feedback. With all that having been said; Let's read, let's write. Blessings, >Wayne View all posts by Wayne

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