Monthly Archives: June 2010

Thirteen Working Days!

Just a few more days to go! Too few. I know we’ll be ready on time, but it just doesn’t look like it now – or at least when I left the house this morning.

Once we’re all settled in our new little apartment my responsibilities and schedule will be totally different. I’m traditionally the early-riser, so I plan to head for the library, or some such place, with my “yellow legal pad” and a cup of coffee and write. And yes, I really do write by hand on a yellow legal pad – first draft, anyway.

As I continue writing I will try to keep you all up to date with excerpts or questions about the process; so get your “thinking caps” out of the closet. I’ll be asking your advice soon.

God bless you all.
See ya’ soon!

~ Wayne ~


20,000+ Pirates!

This turned out to be a “rather shortish” post. Evidently they took down the video. You’ll just have to imagine over 20,00 men, women, children, and pets all dressed in their piraty best!

We beat the Guinness record book by a previous high of 17,000.
Hip, hip, hoorah, mateys!!

Too Much Work

I have made the mistake of trying to keep up with four blogs of my own. This does not allow me to concentrate much on any of them. I have vowed – to myself – to limit each of the blogs to the topics I originally intended it for. In addition to this one there are: “The Artist Within” “The Arts Spot” and “Wayne’s Words to the Wise” “Following the Psalms” (an interactive Bible study of Psalms)

“Wayne’s Words to the Wise,” for some reason, has become the major blog for just “everyday” blogging. I intend to try to keep this one, “Tilden Editing Services,” as  a blog about writing and editing; mine and others I’m connected to, especially through

Until it all gets straightened out, read my other blogs from the link, above. I will have them linked to this blog space very soon.