Hello world!


This is my very first try at blogging, and it probably shows. I hope to be able to make more favorable and intimate connections in this kind of format.

I have over 35 years experience in proofreading and editing and I hope to be able to make a little money at it after I retire in July. (Five months can be a very long time!)

I have been married to my wife, MaryJane, for 30 years and we have two grandsons, and a daughter-in-law. Our son took his own life this past June. One never gets over that. They are currently living in Bothell, Washington.

I have been involved in teaching, acting, theatre directing, writing and playwrighting. I was a pastor in a very small church in south-central Idaho for 13 very long months.

We now live in Vallejo, California – east of the San Francisco Bay area, and about a mile to “the Gateway to Napa wine country.

About Wayne

While I don't claim to be any wiser than the next guy, I do want to write blogs which will make you think. Therefore, I try to put a lot of thought into each one and give you room to ponder and ruminate on the topic(s) I write. As you read, I invite you to comment on what I have written about. My word is NEVER the final word on anything - regardless of what I'd like to think - and I'm always willing to hear comment and feedback. With all that having been said; Let's read, let's write. Blessings, >Wayne View all posts by Wayne

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