An Open Letter II

To all of us, but especially to the family of Marie Osmond.

What tragedy we see around us every day. Wars and rumors of wars, it says in the Bible. Earthquakes killing thousands, tsunamis, landslides, and forest fires. It seems like you can’t pick up your paper or your online news site without reading about the destruction of our earth and the people on it.

First it was Andrew Koenig. Now it’s Marie Osmond’s son. Suicide is probably the most tragic thing that can happen – especially to the family of the victim. In “real fact” we all become victimized by such a thing.

It doesn’t really matter how your child dies. Not really. He or she is your child and there’s a bond there that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Especially for the mother. Regardless of what happens at birth, the umbilical is never totally separated from the mother. That’s why it’s probably harder for her.

I said yesterday that my wife and I lost our only son in July. It still haunts us both, and we are each grieving in our own way. I never want to have to go through this again, and I know the Koenig and Osmond families pray that too.

At this, I shed a tear and send up a prayer for these families and there losses and their grief. I’m not ready to toss theological or philosophical phrases at them. They will probably never be ready to hear them.

Let’s just all take a moment to thank God for His Wisdom and His Grace.

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