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The very best every time …

After a number of days I want to encourage you to view this blog in some more depth; to know more about Tilden Editing Services, and to know a little more About Me.

Tilden Editing Services has a much more complete professional presence at LinkedIn ( There is also an unfinished page on Facebook.

Tilden Editing Services is just bursting out of the “dream” stage and has begun to offer services to anyone with general or specific editing needs. Already I have proofread a chapter of a book for two different parties, proofread a personal memoir for another, reviewed a book, and have another promise from a colleague to proofread her next book, which she is currently writing.

Please come to us first. We treat all our clients with the utmost respect. And remember, this is the internet. If you can’t get here physically, we can do whatever needs to be done by eMail and/ or by phone.

We look forward to your patronage.



Let us edit it before you publish it

 So, that is the main reason for this; more about my business and, especially, about myself.   

I have over 30 years experience in writing, proofreading, teaching, play writing, and theatre. My experience has been in editing/ proofreading my high school literary magazines, member and officer in our creative writing club, and page editor for my high school yearbook. In college I was a feature and entertainment reporter, editor, proofreader, and any other jobs which are needed to put a scholastic weekly to bed. (Remember “blue pencil” copies?)   

With that experience and urgings from my wife and friends, I have decided to embark on this new business venture. I am searching for clients who have need of any of my  editing services. This is a freelance, start-up business, but I promise to deliver a timely and professional product.   

So far, under  Tilden Editing Services, I have proofread individual chapters from longer series’ of books on a pro bono basis. I have recently completed my first “for pay” job, and expect to be seeing the corrected manuscript of that soon.   

Contact me here if you or anyone you  know is interested in becoming a client of Tilden Editing Services.   


More Information about Tilden Editing

Originally posted February 26, 2010

What you’ll see posted on this page will be directly related to my business, Tilden Editing Services. I started this business to help defray any unforseen cost shortfall related to my retirement July 18, this year.

I have 30+ year doing proofreading and editing beginning in high school, continuing through college, and even up to this day.

I have already begun proofreading a children’s multi-volume novel, and also a personal memoir. I am also in negotiation with a colleague on LinkedIn to proofread her upcoming novel.

All that being said, I am still very interested in expanding my client base. If this is a service you – or someone you know – could use contact me at You can also read my professional resume at

Watch for Changes!

As you can see, I have changed the layout to this blog and I hope make further changes to make it a little more representative of Tilden Editing Services.

Late One Tuesday Evening

Here I sit, late on a Tuesday evening, remembering that I will be retiring July 19, and that I’m sure I won’t be missing the work too much.

Of course my plans include widening my client base for Tilden Editing Services, as well as some chances to get away with my wife on day trips and other short vacations. We may even find ourselves moving into something smaller that needs less regular maintenance from us. That has a certain appeal to it!

Otherwise, I just try to stay strong and well. Sometimes it’s a struggle, but my wife and others out there make it worth “staying around” for.