Not What I’d Hoped For

My original hope with this blog was that I could create a number of pages, each with different topics. After much go ’round with the customer service folks, I found that additional pages can’t have comments added to the posts. So, wanting that ability, I was informed that I would have to have a widget listing the different categories I’ve place each posting in.

Be sure and check  the list in the margin of each page. It will make your comments easier to add to the correct discussions.  Just one more step in the learning curve for me.

(I just need to keep up to date on any changes that are made.)


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While I don't claim to be any wiser than the next guy, I do want to write blogs which will make you think. Therefore, I try to put a lot of thought into each one and give you room to ponder and ruminate on the topic(s) I write. As you read, I invite you to comment on what I have written about. My word is NEVER the final word on anything - regardless of what I'd like to think - and I'm always willing to hear comment and feedback. With all that having been said; Let's read, let's write. Blessings, >Wayne View all posts by Wayne

5 responses to “Not What I’d Hoped For

  • DAJ

    I’m new to WordPress too but my site allows for pages with comments. The only thing is that you can’t create posts separately for those pages. You can comment in your own pages or from that page direct folks to look for a certain category for additional relating posts. The type of template you choose will determine if you have your pages listed on the side or as tabs along the top. I’m not sure if this helps but I started following your site because I am new to WordPress (coming from Blogger), you’re a new blogger, and you’re in Vallejo just like me. — DAJ

  • Wayne

    If I’m understanding you correctly, the only way to get comments on posts on additional pages is to direct folks there from the “Catagories” widget. I had hoped to create separate pages – with multiple posts – for each area I comment in without having to develop sub-pages, as I saw you have done.
    I do have the capability to create additional pages, but I was unable to post to those pages a second time. That’s what I was hoping to be able to do.
    If you’ve found a way around this, let me know. We both seem to be learning from others – and the hard way.

  • DAJ

    I’ll admit to not being 100% sure of what you are looking for in your end design so excuse me if I’m not helping. Just give a simple “thanks” and I’ll shut up. Ha! Ha!

    Separate “pages” and your various “blogs” are two different things. You can set your options so that only one “blog” shows at a time instead of numerous days. This can make it appear as separate pages (your last blog being what comes up if they’ve set their bookmark correctly) except when choosing from the Category section all within that category will come up. If I have it right this might be the best you can hope for.

    You can have separate “pages” to which comments can be added but you can’t “blog” to them. Even your own additions after the fact will be treated as comments. These “pages” can be nested but none allow for the “category” option. Only your main blogging section has the category option (which I find limiting). With that being said, I have also seen various templates with various widgets built in so I’m not even 100% sure that categories are not allowed within pages except that you’ve already talked to customer service.

    Another idea is to just set up a number of separate blogs but then you’ll have to keep up on a lot of cross-coding to link to and from each other. Yikes! As I said, I’m not exactly sure what you want your end product to look like.

    I had to look hard for the template I wanted and it’s not exactly what I wanted though I’ve seen the option to tweak the CSS (cascading style sheet) coding. That’s too much for me at the moment. I’m working with linking to help cross-reference similar pages. I’ve set up a testing page nested within my “Me In A Nutshell” page (with a link from one to the other) and I was able to comment to it twice in a row. I’ll try to leave it there a while if you want to just give it a look.

    Just an FYI, I find the drop down box (Categories) a little less user friendly as people usually don’t want to hunt. The list option allows them to easily jump around. — DAJ

    • Wayne

      You will see that I have been putting a lot of thought into what I think my blog page should look like and what information I want to share. Some of what I had hoped to do is not within my “learning curve” so I opted in other directions; including changing the appearance of the page to show a little more about myself.
      Thanks DAJ!

      Wayne <

  • Wayne

    Well, I think I’ve got it sorted out … somewhat … so I can add to my Page posts, as well as to this Home page. I finally settled on this “Appearance” because it’s a good neutral color, business-like, and has the two-column look to it, which allows more variety with the widgets.
    I can even include graphics or pictures, separately or as part of the text. I’m really anxious to do more. (I think I should be blogging this, but at least it will be visible publically!

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